2023 Pirelli Tire Contingecy Program

How does it work?

Pirelli and MspeedPerformance are pleased to be the exclusive race tire sponsor for The Western Canadian Championship Series (WCCS).  As part of this agreement, Pirelli will be providing $8,000 in tire contingency and administrative support for the series. 
Eligible racers, both expert & amateur competing in the following classes will be able to earn contingency in each race, at all 4 rounds in 2023:
  • Superbike
  • 600 Superbike
  • 600 Supersport
  • Middleweight Twins (Formula Thunder)
  • Lightweight Superbike
Payout structure for the Pirelli contingency is as follows:
  • $75 – First place
  • $50 – Second place
  • $25 – Third place

* ONLY fully completed contingency registrations completed online, received by midnight of the day prior to any event, will be eligible to receive a contingency payout *



  1. All tires must be purchased from either mspeedPerformance or FreightTrainRacing to be eligible for payouts
  2. Pirelli tires must be on both the front & rear of the competing motorcycle
  3. Pirelli stickers must be displayed in the following locations:
    • Both sides of motorcycle (bodywork / swingarm)
    • Both sides of front fender
    • Stickers from other tire manufacturers cannot be displayed
  4. Rider should have Pirelli patches on leathers
  5. Form must be filled out in full and submitted prior to racing
  6. All payouts will be in the form of Pirelli purchase vouchers, redeemable towards Pirelli Race Tires only through mspeedPerformance
  7. Purchase vouchers must be redeemed prior to October 31, 2023.

Please note that your contingency request and race results will be verified, and confirmed with an email response within 96 hours of race event completion.