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Sidi Cobra


Sidi has always created great products that are of extreme quality. What they have done with the Cobra is nothing but astonishing. It is a boot that has been created for sportive riders. Not just for those who do trackdays or racing, but for those who ride on the street as well. The Cobra is one of those boots that offers just as must protection as it offers comfort. Because what is protection if it is not comfortable?

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Product info

The Cobra has a Vertebra System that protects the rider’s Achilles tendon. Injury to the Achilles tendon is something you absolutely do not want, so with the Cobra you are fine. The Cobra is also double stitched in all stress areas to make sure the stitches do not open up during a slide. Another neat feature of the Sidi Cobra is the replaceable shock absorbing heel cup. If it gets damaged, you can just replace it with a new one without having to buy a completely new boot.

Made out of durable Lorica, Sidi’s Cobra boots feature, an elastic panel adjacent to the entry zipper, which allows for a bind free zip. But how exactly did this boot deserve it’s “air” status. Well, Sidi replaced the fabric normally used for the construction of the outside of this boot, with a perforated fabric. This fabric enahances ventilation, which can be really usefull if you often ride in warm weather. These perforations however come at the cost of lower water-resistance. Furthermore Sidi added a DuPont polymer toe shift pad with perforated Teflon treated nylon lining to their Cobra boots. While Sidi may not be the most modestly priced boots on the market, they certainly more than make up for it in terms of quality and style. They offer a rare combination of elegance and durability. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced rider, Sidi Cobra boots are sure to help deliver an excellent riding experience.

Special Features

Protection: Vertebra System protects the Achilles tendon, thermoplastic resin ankle protection for shock absorption and nylon shin deflector plate

Replaceable: Bolt on replaceable, adjustable and aerodynamic nylon scuff pads on the toe, replaceable shock absorbing heel cup and removable arch support

Additional features: Lorica outer construction of the boot, elastic panel adjacent to the entry zipper allows a bind free zip and improved fit, DuPont polymer toe shift pad, Perforated Teflon treated nylon lining

Stitching: Double stitched in all high stress areas


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